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The Forum (The Marie Green Forum) in Pompano Beach has become an integral part of the South Florida landscape. Its rich history and unique facility continue to set it apart. We take pride in providing alcohol and smoke-free environment that is professional as well as affordable. The Forum networks with like-minded organizations including OneHope, and Cross InternationalExplore The Forum and see how our unique facility can meet the needs of your organization.

Why The Name Marie Green Forum?

Rob Hoskins, the President of OneHope, tells the story like this: "One morning during my commute to work, I was thinking and praying about two things – what to name the new building and how would I ever thank the Green family for their partnership. You may be wondering, who is the Green family?


Marie Green was a missionary and mother to seven children. Marie Green and her mother instilled in all of their children the importance of doing the Lord’s work. Their prayer lives, attitudes of compassion, integrity, and desire to serve God has grounded each child in the fundamentals of Christ first, others second, and self-last.


Marie Green impacted the lives of her children by living a life of servant-hood and grace that became their example and inspiration. Her daughter, Betty Bonham, shares, “I think her goal and my father’s goal was to live a godly life and set an example for their children to grow up to be godly people. I never heard them state that as their goal, but by their example and constant teaching, that’s what they wanted more than anything else – to raise godly children. Just as important as that to my mom was souls – she always wants to win souls for Jesus.”


Marie passed down the soul-winning passion to all her children. “Before I got married, I had set three goals for myself,” explains David Green. “I wanted to have a beautiful marriage, I wanted my children to grow up and serve the Lord, and I wanted to be a business success. This worked well as the business became successful, my children were serving the Lord, and Barbara and I had a great marriage. Then I thought, ‘That can’t be all there is – I have to do more.’ Then the desire for soul-winning that I saw every day in my mother became my desire. I decided I have to touch as many lives for the Lord as I could – just like my mother.”

David Green is one of Marie’s children and is the Founder of Hobby Lobby Stores. Hobby Lobby has become a great business success story over the past three decades.


David and his children strategically use the company’s profits as their ministry; they pour the revenue into missionary outreaches, such as OneHope. David’s brother Mart Green went on to begin Bearing Fruit Communications, a dramatic film ministry that demonstrates the power of God’s Word.

In the past, when I had attempted to thank the family for their partnership and all they have done, they would respond with, “It was because of my mother’s prayers or my grandmother’s prayers that have allowed us to do this.” The Lord spoke clearly to me that morning and told me the center needed to reflect those values of the Green family, and so, The Marie Green Forum was chosen as the name.


While we gladly named the new center in Marie’s honor, I wanted to do more. The lessons Marie taught had benefited her children in beautiful ways and left a legacy and spiritual heritage for her grandchildren. Surely her example and her words could help others too. Her values will now be instilled in the young people who train in The Forum to go around the world and serve in the mission field.


–  Rob Hoskins, President of OneHope

"Marie Green was a living demonstration of her motto, “Only one life – ’twill soon be past. Only what’s done for Christ will last.” She modeled for her children and everyone in her life the love of Jesus and the importance of bringing lost souls to Him. As she demonstrated soul-winning, generosity, integrity, compassion and strong prayer life for her family, she also took on the beauty of 2 Corinthians 3:18, “So our faces are not covered. They show the bright glory of the Lord, as the Lord’s Spirit makes us more and more like our glorious Lord."

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